SPC Flooring

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SPC vinyl flooring is constructed through a layered process. As a result, SPC vinyl boasts several practical layers:

  • UV coating – providing a finishing protective layer, the UV coating prevents discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight
  • The wear layer – contributing to SPC vinyl’s refined stain and scratch-resistance, the wear layer is the transparent top coating applied to the vinyl plank
  • The vinyl top coat layer – a thin layer of vinyl, ensuring the flooring is waterproof. This will also serve as the primary aesthetic layer, projecting the pattern, texture and overall look of the flooring
  • The SPC core base layer – as previously mentioned, the SPC core is created by engineering a combination of limestone and stabilisers, creating a reinforced durable core
  • The underlayer – an optional addition, SPC vinyl tiles can be installed with a foam or cork underlay to help reduce noise and soften the impact underfoot 

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