About MDF, MFC, and WPC

About MDF, MFC, and WPC
In our daily inquiry, many friends ask what MDF and MFC are, and the relationship between them.
What is the difference?
1. Simply put, MDF is MDF, that is, MDF-Medium Density
MFC is melaminefacedchipboard, which is a kind of particleboard.
As the base material, the surface is specially processed by MELAMINE, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and resistant.
Composite decorative board with the advantages of high temperature, easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, etc., which is abbreviated as MFC (melamine veneer) in English.
MFC is widely used as the main material for panel furniture, office furniture and kitchen furniture.
The connection between MDF and MFC is that MDF is the base material and MFC is the surface material. Just like cloth and paint,
Embryo cloth is colorless, and it can have various colors and certain functions only after dyeing and finishing.
Melamine can cover different substrates, such as particleboard, MDF, high-density board and so on. Different substrates
The price will be different, and particleboard is the cheapest.
Made of medium (high) density fiberboard (MDF).
Manufacturing industry belongs to the sub-industry of wood-based panel manufacturing industry. Because MDF has the advantages of fine material and stable performance,
The application field in China is expanding, and the production and consumption of MDF are increasing year by year, which has become the wood-based panel market.
The mainstream of demand.
Because of the wide source of raw materials and strong physical stability, inferior raw materials can be turned into high-quality plates with wide width.
Wood-based panels have gradually become the main substitute for wood. By the end of 2007, there were 6000 wood-based panel enterprises in China.
Many companies, with a production scale of more than 80 million cubic meters, have become the world’s largest producer and consumer of wood-based panels. according to
China Forest Products Industry Association predicts that according to the average growth rate of historical output of wood-based panel industry, “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”
During this period, the wood-based panel industry in China will grow at a rate of 3-5 percentage points higher than the national economy in the same period.
With the rapid growth of the industry, the production capacity of the main products of wood-based panels is also expanding rapidly. Among the three main plates,
Plywood has maintained a dominant position for a long time, accounting for about 50% of the total output of the three major plates. However, due to the glue
The plywood is mainly made of high-quality large-diameter wood, which is subject to the national consumption tax and export tax rebate policy for solid wood products.
The impact of the whole, the product share decreased significantly. It is predicted that its share will drop to three major plates at the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan.
About 40% of the total output. MDF and particleboard are made of forest residues and sub-minimum fuelwood, and pressed.
The encouragement of home industry policy. However, because the product quality of particleboard is generally not high and the consumption in furniture manufacturing is large.
Less, the development is slow in recent years. Comparatively speaking, MDF has a high utilization rate of production resources, and the product material is fine and flexible.
Can be stable, the edge is tight and easy to process. In recent years, with the rapid increase of output, the structure of wood-based panel products has been improved.
The share in China is also getting higher and higher.
Laminated MDF refers to a board with a single-sided sticker.
MDF refers to medium density fiberboard medium density fiberboard and PlainMDF refers to medium density fiberboard.
General board, equivalent to bare board; It is detailed in foreign countries, and there are boards with special technology such as DesignMDF.
It refers to the board with added color, which was developed by BASF company in Germany.
1. Concept
Density board is divided into medium density fiberboard (MDF) and hard fiberboard (high density board), etc. The density is in
450-800 kg/m3 is medium density fiberboard, and the density above 800 kg/m3 is hard.
Quality fiberboard. Density board is made of plant wood fiber as the main raw material, which is processed by hot grinding, paving and hot pressing.
2. Characteristics
The surface of the MDF is smooth and flat, the material is fine, the performance is stable, the edge is firm, and the surface of the MDF is decorative.
Ok. However, the moisture resistance of MDF is poor. In contrast, the nail holding power of MDF is worse than that of particleboard, and the screws are tightened.
If it loosens later, it is difficult to fix the density board because of its low strength.
3. Use
Mainly used for strengthening wood floors, door panels, partitions, furniture, etc. Density board is mainly used in oil mixing process in home decoration.
Surface treatment of.
4. Choose
Density board mainly detects formaldehyde emission and structural strength. Density board is divided into E1 grade and E2 grade according to formaldehyde emission.
The formaldehyde emission exceeds 30mg/100g, which is unqualified. Generally speaking, most of the density plates of the scales in the large-scale production plants
All qualified. Most of the density boards on the market are E2 grade, but few are E1 grade.
Two: WPC(wood plastic composites) board.
As a new type of composite material, wood-plastic has functions covering the characteristics of wood and plastic.
It also makes up for the defects of the two. The product is completely non-toxic, free from harmful gas release, waterproof and acid-base corrosion-resistant.
A truly green environmental protection product that meets the requirements of modern society. In solving the problem of protecting forests and reducing wood use
Quantity, improve environmental protection, optimize product quality at the same time, but also according to the requirements of various product functions, into.
Adjust the formula and matching materials to meet the needs of physical and chemical properties of different products.
Ten advantages of wood-plastic materials:
(1) Waterproof and moistureproof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products absorb water and get wet in wet and watery environments.
The problem of perishable, swelling and deformation can be used in the environment where traditional wood products can not be applied.
(2) Insect and termite prevention, effectively eliminating insect harassment and prolonging service life.
(3) Colorful, with many colors to choose from. Not only has natural wood texture and wood texture, but also
You can customize the color you need according to your personality.
(4) Strong plasticity, which can easily realize personalized modeling and fully embody individual style.
(5) High environmental protection, pollution-free and pollution-free, and recyclable. The product contains no benzene, but formaldehyde.
The quantity is 0.2, which is lower than EO standard, and it is a European grading environmental protection standard, which can be recycled and greatly saves wood.
Usage, suitable for the national policy of sustainable development, benefit the society.
(6) High fire resistance. Can be effectively flame retardant, the fire protection level reaches B1 level, and it will extinguish itself in case of fire without generating any
Toxic gas.
(7) Good machinability, which can be customized, planed, sawed, drilled and painted.
(8) The installation is simple, the construction is convenient, complicated construction technology is not needed, and the installation time and cost are saved.
(9) no crack, no expansion, no deformation, no need for maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean and save later maintenance.
Repair and maintenance costs.
(10) Good sound absorption effect and energy saving, so that indoor energy saving can reach more than 30%.
As a new type of environmental protection decorative board (universal office furniture)
Top ten reasons for choosing this product:
Do you want to make the decoration easier and cheaper?
Do you want to make the decoration nontoxic and odorless, and can you check in immediately?
Do you want the decoration to be waterproof, fireproof, mildew-proof, easy to clean and maintain?
Ten characteristics of the product:
Convenience: the product can be cut, sawed, planed, nailed, glued, bent, wrapped, folded, slotted,Clean living environment.
Environmental protection: the product base material adopts pollution-free special production technology, does not contain any harmful substances, and can be recycled after use.
Use, truly realize the recycling of circular economy resources, is a real green product.
Stability: the product is acid-proof, alkali-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, mildew-proof, fire-resistant, etc.
Security; The product has high strength, wat resistance and excellent thermal stability, which can be used in wat for a long time.
High temperature resistance, softening resistance, strong impact resistance, no cracking and enduring.
Authenticity: the appearance of the product has the effect of imported natural wood grain, natural beauty, comfortable texture and natural wood grain level.
Strong sense, simple feeling of returning to nature, flash point crystal series, and the texture of baking paint and glass.
The lighting effect is very outstanding.
Uniqueness: the product is formed by hot bonding of polymer plates without using any harmful substances such as glue.
Energy saving: the product has outstanding energy saving effect and excellent thermal stability, and the indoor temperature can reach the set value quickly.
Can let you live in an extremely comfortable environment.
Comfort: the product has high-efficient heat insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption effects, which are superior to ordinary wooden boards and can eliminate
Noise between rooms, creating a quiet living environment.
Wide range: the products are noble and elegant, and are suitable for store decoration, shopping malls, hotels, hotels, saunas and entertainment venues.
Institutes, senior clubs, shopping malls, vehicles, ships, indoor homes and other advanced places.
It can also be used in kitchens, kitchen cabinets, toilets, furniture making, columns, wall materials, doors, door covers, window covers and so on.
Paint-free products make decoration simpler and more economical. Zero formaldehyde and no odor can be checked in immediately, so we can avoid decoration pollution.

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